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Better Energy, Better Weight Management and Nicer Sleeps

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Duration: 6 months

TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A DREAM CAREERImage result for money back guarantee

With Richard Corrigan World's Premier Learn Earn Academy Culinary Course "the mineral chef"

You won’t find a culinary course in the world with the opportunities, connections, and passion in life, that you’ll enjoy with the mineral chef professional Certified Cookery Course. Food is big business, and it’s at the core of everything you’ll learn in our classes..

Our mineral food-focused education model will help you take full advantage of the many career options available in the food business. Top employers look to the top chefs when hiring, and when you have your Certificate in hand, they’ll look to you, this year long course comes with a money back guarantee if you dont feel fulfilled or an employment opportunity was not provided to you .

At the very heart of the concept of "the mineral chef" the Cooking Concepts richard shares with allis simple, easy and fun which were created as nature intennded, rich in minerals with electic charge in the dishes we create.Through his inspirations and passions around organic wholefood culture.Also Richard will shorten your research to "highly credible" people who can provide you with optimal health, topics that help with better energy, better weight management and nicer sleeps" i we will provide real ordinary everyday people who eat vegetarian, vegan and our favorite dishes they do, that we have tried and tested as spot on. Ordinary people who want the best eating habits for all people, there is no junk foods or any fake foods with this course. You will save hours of rsearch and know that all the different topics we disclose within our courses is fact.

What is this Guaranteed Money Back lark all about ?

Well instead of squandering students fees all on our selves first, we use 50% as an invest vehicle to cover us while we honor our guarantee commitments, for students who choose the LEA INSURED COURSE as appose to just a home study course option, we will earn our rewards in a paced manageable way as best we can, we have investment experts with impeccable records who we have affiliated with, so we get straight to work, getting your money and our money work together for us, so getting along and sing that song, while we complete our intentions we made, the experts who educate and our investment portfolio past performances align with our intentions greatly, while we discover our passions for our skills, our financial well being is also being cared for, so we dont encumber student debt burdens, self actualization is our goal and with as much ease as possible, which cultivates our true greatness, the LEA concept is MSI focused and always looking out for our students first, "duty of care" we mean it.

Travel anywhere and cook anywhere, become an accomplished, professional Vegan Cook through a mastery of classical and contemporary cooking. Complete the course and we will guarantee you job opportunities at course end as part of our 100% iron clad money back guarantee.

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Does this sound familiar?...

You’re always on the go. And yet there’s never any time for the things you know you really should be doing…like healthy cooking.

It is not easy to stop eating the many addictive foods we’ve enjoyed for so long and have become addicted to.

Richard Corrigan’s new concept, "Electric Food Diets", and his unique healing recipes, will introduce you to all the physically and mentally transforming benefits of real wholefoods “human food”.


Electric Diet:

7 Stages to easy day-to-day wholefoods and plant- based cooking. Enjoy more energy, better weight management and improved sleep.

Richard believes cooking should be fun and presents a very unique, practical and enjoyable program. You won’t see these courses in main stream education or your local cooking class.

Discover the truth about real food. And fake food. A plant based diet is the ideal human food. Now the "Electric Food Diet" beta01 gives you simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to achieve optimal health through cooking with wholefoods, creating easy healthy habits, servants of love to your bodies needs..

Who Can Benefit

This course is will show you all the foods that you should be avoiding, and all the ones you can include and why. The style of cooking will provide you with better energy, better weight management and improved sleep. And the cooking methods couldn’t be any easier, the convoluted made simple.

There is no pre-skill level required for this course, only a willingness to learn.

This course is suitable for teenagers, parents, professionals, people with weight issues and retirees.

This course will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to prepare delicious meals, snacks and sweets that not only taste good, they are actually amazingly good for you, healthy habits that are convenient to make and take with you anywhere .


Learn how to define your target foods, focus on what makes YOU unique and discover how to create killer dishes that reflect and promote your wellbeing with daily progress.

Course Objectives

What You Will Learn About

Stage P-1 Introduction to sauces, soups, dressings, how to create and balance flavours easily, with simple meals that are packed with health benefits.

Stage P-2 Flat Breads, Biscuits, Cakes, Snacks: these staple dishes will slip easily into your lifestyle and help build your palette foundations properly.

Stage P-3 Salads: Quick everyday meals that couldn’t be easier when you plan ahead.

Stage P-4 Mind, Body & Spirit: The energy of food, every cooking experience can enjoy a more humble approach, Q&A Live

Stage P-5 Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables: Creating the right bacteria can help, learn the herbs that protect the body best, live a chemical-free life, learn the natural way to keep your home "au naturel ".

Stage P-6 Quick every day meals: beans, peas and lots of joy, healing meals that will soon be second nature to you.

Stage P-7 Recap: Exercise, Private Chefs Table Forum, All my favourite internet chefs, joint venture partner opportunity, Interviews with Doctors, Locations and resources to cure diseases, using foods.

This guaranteed easy-to-follow program will help you transcend the boundaries of your belief systems surrounding food, a survival course like no other.

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Want bonuses? You got it.

Lifetime access and free updates to the course.

I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve and with your help and our exploitation of the FEES together, we can only win . You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies, for free. PLUS, the course has JUST been launched and all brand new videos in the new and added techniques, strategies, which the

first 28 students will get at the pre-sale discount launch and (???)

I have you covered.

Live Demo WeBinars

Join Richard live in the kitchen and co-create the love of food


Who is Electric Diets for?

If you want increased energy, better weight management and improved sleep, then this course will help you get there. No matter where you’re starting from in the kitchen, you will be happy to hear I am super confident I can teach you something useful.

People who want to progress their food consumption. You want to eat better. You’re ready for new beliefs and strategies that actually help you live a thriving life .

People who want to easily, rapidly learn to cook. You're itching to improve your healthy eating habits because you know it's an essential part of your life, your business and to eat a plant based diet gives you better performance period. One day, you’d love to cook for a group, a romantic dinner for two, or create your own recipes...but you know that you need a confident experienced teacher to do it.

Richard is one of them!

Busy bees! You’re busy with a job, family, or other obligations and you’d LOVE to find a program that helped you learn to cook easily (so you could spend more time doing things you love with people you love).

Who is Electric Diets NOT for?

“Get healthy quick” wannabes. Get rich quick Jokers! This program isn’t for people who think that buying a course will suddenly help them become a great cook. You have to put in the work to see results.

Do you eat for fun, but don’t really care about your body or what you put into it? This course is specifically created to help you develop your cookery skills and improve your well-being, so this is probably not the best fit for you.

What you do need to be is knowledgeable and a few steps ahead of the junk food industry.

You don’t need to be an “expert” or be qualified to create great meals. all the time

Really, you don’t.

What you do need to be is knowledgeable and a few steps ahead of corporate commercial junk food industry.

Say for example you wanted to move across the world and set up home in a different country.

Who would you prefer to learn from?

Someone who’s learned everything they know from second-hand dated information, from padded main stream institutions ?

Or someone who’s been there and done that and can share with you a step-by-step process for looking after yourself no matter what part of the world you travel to

When it comes down to it, I believe that we all have worthy knowledge and skills to share

"the simplest, easiest things to do in life are sometimes hardest things to keep" Richard Corrigan

Your Instructor


Richard is CEO and founder of Learn Earn Academy "the original one ". Executive living wholefoods chef and hospitality systems expert consultant with almost 30 years experience. Born in Dublin Ireland and self employed for the past 20 plus years, he loves life in abundance.

He travelled around Ireland in his younger chef days. Then went to London where he enjoyed working with the Savoy Group in one of their flagship restaurants. He then went on to Brompton Road, Knights Bridge under the remit of head chef Steve Whitney, a very talented Michelin Star Chef, in an award winning restaurant the “St Quentin”

Richard secured his first senior chef position as sous chef for the Cafe Rouge Restaurant group at Putney Bridge with The Pelican group and enjoyed the culinary experiences of London’s great diverse cuisines. As a certified chef with City & Guilds, he returned back to Ireland to enjoy his own Irish culinary roots and focus on his family life and raising children.

At age 26 he enjoyed his very first restaurant at the Glenageary Lodge, Glenageary followed by the opening and launch of many new food operations within the Dublin/ Wicklow region. These included a very successful food franchise which focused on Irish cuisine and the running of The Excise Bar food operation in the IFSC Dublin.

Richard went on to launch the IFSC’s first Asian restaurant called Szechuan Wok which extended the Excise bars popularity. After enjoying many years success he sold it on to focus on the personal development industry around education, nutrition, gastronomy and the molecular structure of food.

Today Richard Corrigan is very active in the project management of new health food concepts such as franchise venue openings and inspiring education of “wholefoods”. To help people achieve their goals and create new more beneficial beliefs around the food we eat. “ Joy is the key” What one can believe, conceive, can achieve.

"The simplest things to do are sometimes the hardest things to keep" . Richard Corrigan

“live, laugh, love” forever

Class Curriculum

  Richard Intrduction Lessons to Easy Living Foods Prep- A Plant Based Diet
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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