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the word is integrity and values are grounded principles universally

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What are Values?

Your values are those elements of your life which you find personally important. They are core beliefs which guide you on how to conduct your life in a way that is meaningful and satisfying for you, without being a hindrance to another.

Values are the things against which you measure your choices, whether consciously or not. You use them to rationalize your behavior to yourself and others. And they determine your level of satisfaction with your choices, even if decisions are not freely made but constrained by other factors, values are grounded principle universal laws which vibrate sounds that frequencies match our receivers.


Point of interest

Your values can help you to understand where you might find a role in society, and they are often a strong motivator for work.

Where do they come from?

You may share some of the values of the people around you (your friends or family, or your social, ethnic or national group, for example) and you may have other values which are particular to you. Values can be related to your personality (eg a desire to work with or manage others), to your needs (eg hunger, shelter, security) and to your own understanding of your social context (eg environmentalism or political values).

"the word is integrity"

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