How Aware off This Food Nonsense going on are You?

Most people are unaware of the concept of hybrid foods or the dangers consuming these foods pose to our bodies. Hybrid foods are those whose parents belong to different animal or plant species which have been crossed through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics.

In this day and age many of the plants we like to eat are vastly different from their original genetic makeup. This began with Charles Darwin’s suggestion that animals and plants could adapt and change over time to allow them to survive in a changing world. It was only with Gregor Mendel’s work on genetics that man truly learned the extent to which we could control the genetics of species. Mendel found that he could predict the traits of certain pea plants depending on what two plants he bred together. He believed there to be a genetic basis for this and in understanding this basis he demonstrated he could control them.

The rediscovery of Mendel’s work initiated the genetic modification of plants and animals. As through Mendel’s work science was given the means to alter anything with a genetic code.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrids

Plant breeding took off after the rediscovery. The scientist breeding them often noticed the hybrids were stronger and provided higher yields. This can be seen in the first extensively marketed hybrid crop.. corn.

These hybrids had a number of advantages such as them being more resistant to bugs, providing larger yields and also having a shorter growing time.

However they are not without their disadvantages. Many of these hybrid plants are more expensive, must be bought every planting season and require a larger amount of water and fertilisers to grow. The real question on everyone's minds with regards to these hybrids isn’t their potential advantages and disadvantages however. The real question is are they healthy or are they hazardous? Are these genetic crosses safer than their original?

The answer to the question of health is generally no. Most hybrid fruits contain a larger amount of sugar than they originally did which has added to the stress being put on the liver and pancreas. The original fruits have been found to be healthier and have more nutritional value.

The answer to the scarier question of are they safe is a more ambiguous one. In 1989 a Japanese company caused at least 37 deaths and 1500 injuries as a result of distributing a genetically modified amino acid L-tryptophan. Hybrids have also been found to have a larger amount of toxins absorbed from their surroundings.

It is generally better to stay clear of hybrid foods. While they are abundant in our everyday world, they have less nutrition and a higher amount of toxins..Hybrids nowadays are bred solely for profit and offer more harm than anything else. These hybrids have destructive effects on your body and these effects are being hidden by the corporations.

Nature be Nature

In conclusion, hybrids are hazardous to people’s health and in order to live a healthy lifestyle it is certainly best to stay clear of these toxic ridden products of science.

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