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College Life Redefined

We firmly believe our new business learning model approach is the way forward, not only for our individual students and mentors, but also universally as a whole.

Our aim is to help students, people, who treat all those around them with Honesty, Integrity and Trust, ( H.I.T.) achieve their career and lifestyle dreams, self actualization .

What’s more, our online 24/7 access to mentors, means you can review notes, tips and posts to a class you were in last week, the week before, yesterday, whenever. So you’ll never miss an important classroom discussion again.

Learn Earn Academy Definition:

It really is as simple as the name suggests: while you learn, you earn.

No matter what course you choose if you wish, we will find rich income opportunities within your chosen course subject.

Then you will be well and truly on your way to financial independence

“We are standing in our own acre of diamonds.” Earl Nightingale

Realize Your Real Potential

We provide the academic and employment skills in a dynamic alternative learning environment that will bring out the strengths of our students, enabling them to become successful, contributing members of the community. Our mentors teach with passion.

Attitude is a great tool when applied with confidence. It can accelerate the results one needs to achieve. We are all looking for greater balance and potential in our lives. Learn Earn Academy (L.E.A.) is providing an educational platform that enables you to be more creative and try new ideas. Creativity is a skill that can be learned and we are all creative living beings.

With the great advances in understanding our minds and bodies, we can now combine this wealth of truthful, reliable and credible knowledge , holistic understanding with a more natural, spirtual intuitive approach in order to encourage growth in all areas of our lives, and for those of future generations

Foot in the Door Program

Earn much more than diploma

Employers these days are looking for a number of key characteristics – including trust, reliability, values, accountability and integrity – in their employees’..

By exhibiting these traits, in addition to proficiency and experience in your chosen subject area, a sponsored employer will look more favorably on you, pay it forward program. In fact, you will have “a foot in the door” and potential employers will be prepared to not only sponsor you, they will also be more inclined to profit share on any new business you help generate. This ultimately means a win-win highly efficient and effective situation for both parties.


Learn Earn Academy is committed to creating self sustainable independent systems that serve us all best. All students graduate with guaranteed income stream opportunities .

It is the mission of Learn Earn Academy to:

  • Encourage and foster a creative educational experience that will enhance the creative imagination of people.
  • Provide income opportunities.
  • Be the “Leaders” in the future educational business model; one that actually works.
  • Help eradicate unemployment forever. We can do this easily, as easily as we changed our currency. All we need is the WILL to do it.

Using the principles of Honesty, Integrity,Truth (HIT), we focus on self-help, social responsibility and community participation to achieve maximum results.

At Learn Earn Academy, our mandate is:

  • To encourage positive social and community growth.
  • To offer real alternative educational solutions relative to today’s needs.
  • To embrace the new green technologies and implement them.

Learn Earn Academy creates a safe and supportive environment in which to mentor and guide you to success. Recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses, we provide the systems for students which give them clarity and a real sense of purpose in all aspects of career and personal growth. We integrate all generations to work together towards common goals as equals.

Learn Earn Academy

“Learn Earn Academy” the original one

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