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With more than 30 years experience in the food business and having three children himself, my life ambition is to see all children in the world have free cookery schools in their neighborhood, fix the problem before it becomes a problem, thats what all the educated people say, so help the children avoid the many illnesses that scourge our planet today, with the simple knowledge of REAL foods and how FAKE foods and there chemical additives are making you sick. What we will learn about in this course, your local culinary school will not tell you, there still teaching children how to make sugar bombs that cause havoc to your digestive system, they still use white commercial flours that also cause havoc to your digestive system and rice, did you you know that rice has Arsenic brown has double the amount of white, do you not think your goverment, health service executive could warn you of this dysfunctional food we are led to believe is good for us ...LOL . In all my courses I expose, educate you as to whats going on in the food industry and the latest surprises, did you know that most farmers, especially the ones that use pesticides, wont eat there own commercial crops now ? they have there own family organic patch, WHY is this you may ask ? check this link and see.

Brain Cancer In Children Linked To Monsanto’s Glyphosate


I believe that if you treat the health right in the early stages of life you reduce illness by 100%, it's as simple as that. Consuming appropriately cooked and uncooked foods is a knowledge everybody should have in their life and as the doctors tell us "eat more wholefoods" so lets take that good advice and do that, and grow it in abundance around our streets, gardens, let the children see how easy it is to grow wholesome foods, the joy of picking an apple of your tree on the way out the door to school, work.

Teaching children the difference between Real V's Fake food and through many demos we will provide education, recipes and give the children the opportunity to have “hands on” fun making snacks and small meals, the healthy whole food way, Mam, Dad, Bro, Sis anybody can join in.

This course will be organic week to week, using ingredients from you, the students local markets were ever you are in the world, we will be creating local staple wholesome meals, live daily, that help sustain your bodies systems better, just keep those comments coming and ingredients you have at hand and we will wip up some magic ideas for you, this is an uncut, unscripted raw production all round, we hope you progress with us. Please I implore you to continue with your research into wholefoods and replenish your life as was your birth right, if your a guardian of children, "duty of care" all I have to say on that.

Parents, Guardians, the war on food has been a long established one and with your help we can make sure that every child in this world is given the opportunity of free education of wholefoods from an early stage of development, which would be complimented with nutrition of body, mind and spirit. Richard has a very fun way of communicating with children to help them retain the much needed knowledge, that can only improve a child's well being.

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A teaching program that goes beyond simply providing recipes and lesson plans to use in the home I Love Cooking was developed to allow young students, with there Mam's, Dad's, Aunt,Uncle, Brother, Sister to come together to bring hands-on cooking classes to children of all abilities ages 2 and up, and designed to create a positive relationship between children and food.recipes are adaptable to all skill sets and environments allowing students to easily customize each lesson to their own needs’ abilities. Pictorial , coloring pages recipes for visual learners, ingredient prompt adaptations for educational and dietary restrictions, real food grocery lists with a delivery system, parent/caregiver support sessions, focus on dietary commonalities ! Lesson plans are structured for children of all abilities and are facilitated in a convenient and fun fashion, furthering educational and developmental skills sets, we value all comments from students below to help grow, we go with the flo and see how fast we grow...

Through these Demos, students will be supporting a positive change in the wellness landscape, and children will learn life-long lessons through food-education, while having a deliciously fun time, sharing the moments with the loved ones and all the while knowing what best foods to eat that will help them progress to smarter, more energetic fun loving human beings!

Each Demo features:

  • Step-by-step guide to cooking and a thorough introduction of how to teach with a sample scripted lesson plan
  • Wholefoods recipes and simple lesson plans, complete with shopping and equipment lists for each recipe
  • Adaptations for various physical and developmental abilities and ingredient substitutions for dietary restrictions, allergies, and ingredient availability
  • Pictorial Recipes Colouring Book to support visual learners and note prompts
  • Learning objectives, how real foods help us grow and fake create resistance
  • Learning how to have a junk free life, with wholefood goodness
  • Nutrition guide to foster understanding of why certain food are good to eat, which ones are hybrid foods, with no electric charge

Kids and adults learn practical basic cooking skills as they enhance other traditional disciplines such as reading, mathematics, science, social sciences, nutrition, music, art, history and geography. In addition, children strengthen their motor skills, self-esteem, socialization, cultural understanding, teamwork, independence, and personal responsibility.


“People like me are always talking about how important it is to teach kids to cook and eat wholefoods. You aren’t sure how? The recipes are easy and delicious. Get your kids to start making dinner!”

– Richard Corrigan-

Side effects for children who eat fresh wholefoods, thinking is better, there energy levels better and there weight management becomes better and nicer sleeps, who would not want that for there child? Only the insane human will shun this valuable knowledge from there loved ones, junk food is toxic to the human needs of affinity within the bodies systems. Lets us all fortify our children s future with better wholefoods knowledge. Free children's course with real foods only, please spread the love share this page, if you like it and grateful I am. Post the link of your Facebook page, free cookery lessons for children world wide, lets do it now!, Thank you and love you all.

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richardcorrigan.com "truth about food"

Your Instructor


Richard CEO, founder- Learn Earn Academy "the original one" Executive Wholefoods Living Chef, Hospitality Systems Expert Consultant , with almost 30 years experience , past 20 plus self employed, born in Dublin Ireland, and loves life in abundance

Traveled around Ireland in his younger chef day’s and then went to london , of where he enjoyed working with the Savoy Group, in one of there flag ship restaurants then, on Bromton Road, Knights Bridge, under the remit of head chef Steve Whitney, very talented Michelin Starr Chef in an award winning restaurant the “St Quentin” .

Then Richard secured his first senior chef position as sous chef for the Cafe Rouge Restaurant group at putney bridge, The Pelican group and enjoyed the culinary experiences of London’s great diverse cuisines. Certified chef with City & Guilds, returning back to Ireland, to enjoy his own Irish Culinary roots. Richard decide to focus on his family life and raise children and enjoyed his very first restaurant at the Glenageary Lodge, Glengeary at the age 0f 26, before moving on to open and launch many new food operations within the Dublin/ Wicklow region before returning back to Dublin City, were he owned a very successful food franchise, which predominately focused on Irish cuisine and ran the Excise Bar, Food operations, IFSC, Dublin.

He then extended the Excise Bars’s offering, when he launched, opened up the IFSC’s first Asian restaurant Szechaun Wok, were he enjoyed many years success, before selling on, to focus more around the personal development industry around education , nutrition, gastronomy and molecular structure of food.

Now Richard Corrigan is very active in the project management of new health food concepts, franchise venue openings, inspiring education of “wholefoods”, help people achieve there goals and create new more beneficial beliefs “joy is the key” what one can believe, conceive can achieve.

"the simplest, easy things to do are sometimes hardest things to keep" Richard Corrigan

“live,laugh love” forever

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